Breathe In. Breathe Out.

While not my first tattoo, this one was the most painful to date. And that’s saying something, because my most recent tattoo is on my foot. Any who, this one is on my right wrist. I got it with my sister around the end of my sophomore year in college. I think we were both in place where we were just feeling the need for new ink. It was a spur of the moment decision, but I do not regret one minute of it. Getting a tattoo that I love with my sister was a lot of fun. It hurt like crazy, don’t get me wrong. I spent the entire next day with my arm outstretched on any and all flat surfaces.

Funny story, I’m not the only one of my friends with a wrist tattoo. The day after I got my tat, I had to go to this party for one of my classes. It was a short term honors class that had ended about 4 weeks before the party. The party was the professor’s way of saying, ‘Good job. You behaved wonderfully at conference. Let’s eat!’ She was a fabulous professor, pint-sized, concentrated awesome. Anyway, I spent the majority of the party with my arm resting on my then girlfriend’s thigh. She helped me out tremendously that night. You see, I’m right handed, and kind of a wimp when it comes to pain. Whenever I moved my hand, obviously the movement originated in my wrist and pain would shoot through my arm. So, she was, for all intents and purposes, my right hand. So, one of my classmates also has a tattoo on her wrist, much bigger and more intricate than mine, and she said, “Oh, gosh, I remember that pain. It was not fun.” We ended up having a whole conversation about tattoos and meanings, eventually getting other party goes involved as well. Twas a good day.

This is probably my third favorite tattoo. It keeps begin pushed down the list when I get a new one, but that doesn’t diminish it’s importance.  I suffer a bit from anxiety and anger management issues. I’m a bit neurotic. Listen to me, trying to play it down. It’s actually kind of serious, but I manage well. At least I think I do. But this tattoo is my reminder to take a minute and breathe. Nothing is so serious or so scary or so anger inducing that I can not take a second…or a few minutes to take a deep breath.

It was done by Doug of Dougie’s Tattoo Parlour in Waldorf, MD.



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