There are many things I could talk about from the recent MTV VMAs, but I’m not going to talk about the MAJOR CRAY that happened between the amazing Lady Gaga performance and the perfection of Justin Timberlake’s performance. Did anyone else cry big fangirl tears for the *NSYNC reunion? No? Just me? Oh well. They were my favorite boy band way back when. I loved Backstreet Boys too, but *NSYNC had my heart. I do, however, NEED to talk about the two commercials that aired at various points during the evening. Here’s one.

SERIOUSLY!!!! Ever since it was announced way back in late 2012 that Eminem was working on a new album. I have been on pins and needles waiting for a release date. MMLP2 drops November 5, 2013, and I will be there with bells on. No joke. *cue happy dance*

Eminem is my absolute favorite rapper. No one can touch his lyricism in my book. I am beyond excited. I still remember where I was when I first heard “My Name Is” and “The Real Slim Shady” and “Stan”. Do you remember TRL? I do. I watched the “My Name Is” video there for the first time. I was in love with this peroxide blond, white Detroit rapper. It was instantaneous. “The Real Slim Shady” and “Stan” have a special place in my heart, because when they came out, the radio couldn’t get enough of them. I remember being in the car with my mom and sister, driving around the Twilight Zone (Olney, MD), and hearing these songs about 5 times. By the time we figured out how to leave Olney, I knew all the words.

When they said MMLP2 would be Em’s eighth studio album, I did a double take. Wow, 8 albums? Infinite, The Marshall Mathers LP, The Slim Shady LP, The Eminem Show, Encore, Relapse, Recovery, and now, MMLP2. I own every album since The Eminem Show. I wasn’t old enough to buy the first three when they came out, but I plan on rectifying that oversight very soon, with the exception of Infinite. I think I have it…somewhere. I got it by accident at some point in my online music purchasing spree of pre-college days. Encore, Relapse, and Recovery live in my car, uncensored, and I do love to play them on drives to Baltimore. When I’m playing Eminem while driving around town, it’s loud and I know all the words. People stare into my car and give me funny looks. Sure I’m black, but I’m a girl and I’m fairly proper. I’m not the type of person that people think of to listen to Eminem and know all the words. When I’m with friends, especially new friends, and I bring out the Eminem CDs, they give me surprised looks. Again, I’m fairly proper, with an occasional potty mouth.  I don’t listen to urban (ha, wtf does that even mean) radio stations, like WPGC 95.5. I listen to HOT 99.5 and The Kane Show. But then they hear me rap a verse, perfectly, and begin to ask questions.

“Hi, my name is….Slim Shady.” Welcome back, Eminem. I’ve missed you since Recovery.


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