What I did over fall vacation

Y’all, I have had an epiphany. School is hard! Ok, that’s no really it, but I want to talk about school first. When I updated last week, I said that I was both on time and behind. That’s still true. Somewhere in the last two weeks, with traveling and partying with family, I lost my routine. Sure, I kept up with discussion and readings while in Louisiana with my family, but it wasn’t the same. I did only the bare minimum, because I wanted to spend time with family. I don’t see them very often. When I came back, though, I had very full calendar. I went up to Baltimore to spend time with the Philosophy department at NDM. Then, I worked five days straight. Today is my first day off, my first real day where I have nothing planned and no work since 9/6/13. I woke up ready to get back into my school routine, though. I acknowledged that I’ve been out of it and off topic for the last week or so, but I’m good now. I’m slowly getting caught up in my readings. I’m starting research for the projects and papers I have coming up. I should be back on track soon.

The plane rides were not the best flights, either. So very much turbulence, up and down in the air. I very nearly had panic attacks on my first two flights down to Louisiana. I was terrified of take off and landing. Every patch of turbulence felt, to me, like we were going to fall out of the sky. Whenever the pilot slowed the plane down, you know how the turbines get quieter, I thought for sure we were going down. It was pretty scary. I haven’t ever been that scared of a plane ride before. I prefer flying to driving or train rides. That may change soon, however. Coming back wasn’t as hard, but it was still not a good day for flying.

While with family, I drink more than I would if I were out with friends. I know they’ll protect me, and my dad’s a cop. Come on. It’s a no-brainer that I’ll be safe. This time, I drank just about as much as I normally would, but it turned out very differently. I was so sick the next day. It didn’t occur to me until last night though, why I was so sick. First, I didn’t really eat a lot the night of the party. There was a lot of food, but I don’t eat when I’m excited. I know that about myself, but I’m still learning to manage it. Second, I switched it up too many times. I had one glass of Grey Goose and pineapple juice, then switched to Sutter Home Moscato for two glasses, then had a Seagrams wine cooler, then a swig of the most awful vodka on the planet. Those last two things were a TERRIBLE idea. Worst idea I’ve ever had, but I wasn’t thinking. What I realized last night, though, was that I haven’t had a drop of hard liquor since 7/13/13, my 23rd birthday. It’s been wine, hard cider, and beer. Throwing a badly mixed cocktail, a straight shot of bad vodka, two glasses of wine, and a wine cooler on top of a nearly empty stomach that’s only had 4%-6% alcohol content beverages in the last two months was NOT a good idea. I’ll never do that again! I’m going to stick to my wine, beer, and hard cider. Any cocktails shall be mixed by me or a certified bartender from now on. My system can’t take any craziness anymore.


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