Where have you been?

Ok, so no one has really asked me that question, but I feel like I should answer it anyway. Somewhere along the way between September 2013 and now, I lost the blogging will. For a while there, I lost the whole dream. I did the bare minimum of school work and a lot of partying. I have something called Seasonal Affective Disorder, along with a few other things, which means that when the weather starts to change, I get depressed. I’m not a fan of late fall and winter. It’s dark, dreary, and it sucks. It always seems to catch me in October, and let go in January. I know, winter isn’t over in January, but I’m a lot closer to spring in Januaray than I am in October.

Anywho, I finished my first semester of grad school with all A’s, so there’s that. I’m enrolled in three classes this semester, one of which ends in March, so my entire timeline is supercharged. Hopefully, there will be more of me this time around. I’ve got some cool things planned for the blog and the semester. I know, I know I have to finish the other series, the tattoo series, first. In time.

Happy Soon To Be Spring!


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