Librarian in Training Pt 3.

I promised more details. I promised I would be back. Well here I am, ready to share details about spring semester and summer semester at San Jose State University’s School of Library and Information Science, which is now the School of Information (iSchool). I’m not really going to go into that except to say, my undergrad alma mater changed it’s name my senior year. Now my grad school has changed it’s name. Is it me? Am I the reason my school’s are going through existential crises? Not at all, seriously.

Anywho, I’ll go backwards. This fall I’m taking two classes. Reference and Information Services and a leadership seminar.  The ref class is a full semester, but the seminar is four weeks starting at the end of the month. I’m two weeks into the semester and I feel good. I’m ahead, I think. I have an assignment due Sunday, that I will complete tomorrow (Friday), and then I’ll start on week three. I’m really trying to stay on top of things, because every week there is an assignment plus the discussion posts due. I also want to be in good shape for when the seminar starts, because I don’t really know what kind of work load to expect. It’s a one credit class, but still. Fortune favors the prepared…or whatever the saying is.

Over the summer, I took Research Methods. Originally, I was going to take a general class, but it got cut because of low enrollment. I was put into the section for Evaluating and Assessing Programs and Services, which turned out awesome. Despite some minor issues and a way massive final that I was both prepared and unprepared for, I passed with flying colors. I got a perfect score on my final, which was evaluation/assessment study proposal on the young adult fiction collection, specifically titles featuring an LGBTQ character. I had to design the process from conception to final research results and interpretation without actually performing the study. My professor even said that I should try to actually put the assessment into practice and see the results.

During the spring semester, I took three classes. Honestly, that was probably my worst idea, but I passed and that’s all that matters. I actually passed with A’s or A-‘s, so there. I took Interpersonal Communication for Librarians as an intensive, which means that it only ran for half the semester (8wks), but had work like full semester (16wks). It went well. A lot of it I already knew from my final paper the previous semester, From Spinster to Social Butterfly, which talked about how to overcome the image of the tight-bun-wearing-shushing librarian of the past. It was perfect up until the finaly, which was agroup project. We all did our parts, but even with a ton of information, I could not speak slowly enough to make my part last for at least 4.5 minutes. In the end, we lost 3 points for other technical things, not my too-short piece, but it still feels like my fault.

The other two classes were LIBR202:Information organization (or some such title) and LIBR275: Library Services for racially and ethnically diverse communities. Both great classes with wildly different skill sets that actually helped me stay moderately on top of things. LIBR202 is al about databases and word choice, subject headings, and descriptors. It was quite fun actually, but time consuming. There was group work there too, but it fell apart from unclear instructions and really only necessary for two short assignments. I really don’t know why the professor had us in groups at all. The final was to create a database using a specific software. I did mine on craft beer. *snicker snicker* Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to taste some of the beers I used in that project. I’ve got a much more critical eye, for myself. Still not a beer connoisseur , I much prefer my wine and cider, but there are certainly a few I can kick back with every now and then, especially at football or baseball game, where cider is hard to come by.

LIBB275 had no textbook, which was great. Until I ran through 2 black ink cartridges in three months. Not cool. I still have all those articles, so I guess that’s a plus. No group work, but a ton of exercises about different journals and periodicals, ethnic celebrations and holy days, and a bunch of others I have saved. I learned a lot, and I really hope to be able to bring that into my work in the future. The final for this class was a choice of three things. I could do an annotated bibliography of 30 items in three categories for an underserved library population. I could write paper, 10-15 pages I think, on an original research topic related to an underserved racial, ethnic or otherwise marginalized population. I could create a diveristy calendar, exculding heritage months already on the calendar and widely celebrated, with six months of activitiies. I chose the bibliography, and did mine on LGBTQ people. My three categories were LGBTQ+Home (kids, teens, parents who are LGBTQ and parents of LGBTQ kids), LGBTQ+Community (like in the work place, socially, or at church), and LGBTQ+Race and Gender (African-American, Middle Eastern, Asian, Hispanic, man, woman). I am probably most proud of this assignment, for many reasons. I learned a lot. All of the materials I used could be found already in my library system. I worked so hard on it and passed. I’m seriously considering polishing and submitting it for review/approval as a book list for my library system.

Alrighty, that’s it for now. I’m working on a posting schedule that will allow to me to be one with my blog. These first two weeks of Ref and Info Services have helped me recommit to this thing here. So, you may see more of me. No promises this time.



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