Meet Sadie!

At the beginning of summer, I had the great fortune to cultivate a new partnership with a 2014 Volkswagon Jetta in a beautiful dark blue. I named her Sadie after much inner debate. She looks like a Sadie, doesn’t she?pic-r-1401118473178

Clean, sparkly personality, handless beautifully, smooth ride, cream leather interior, full size spare tire. I’m in love. Seriously. She’s great.

The day I bought her started out fairly normally. I went with my parents t get their cars serviced, a VW CC and Tiguan. I hadn’t intended to buy a car that day, or any day really. I was quite happy with Goldie. My mom, however, was not so happy. I was essentially mom pressured into buying a car. For her “peace of mind” she says. But it was worth it. I love my new car. I have a four year lease, and it’s up I can choose to keep he ror get a new car. I am more than likely going to keep her. I mean, if I do, I can have her paid off in 3.5 years after my lease is up. She will be mine, lock, stock, and barrell. And honestly, at the age of ~32, owning a car that will only be about eight years old is a coup. I’ll only have to worry about gas and maintenance. She will be mine, something no one can take away, even if I become homeless. I can live in my car. So worth it.

I’ve a posting schedule worked out, a list of topics to discuss, and a good feeling about this whole blogging thing in general. See ya next week!



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