Going Forward!

For the last few posts, I’ve been dropping hints about a new schedule that will allow me to become one with the blog. I think I’ve got it. So far, I’ve been staying ahead in my class and using the downtime to write posts longhand. I’ve decided that every Monday at or around 1pm, there will be a new blog post. I picked Monday, because 1) it is the beginning of week and everybody hates it, 2) I’m usually between reading my assigned chapter and writing a discussion post, and 3) chances are I’ve already written it and it just needs to be typed. The great thing about WordPress is that I can schedule posts. So, if I had time before Monday, I could type it in and set to be published on Monday at 1pm…or since WordPress uses military time, 1300 hours.

I’m thinking of adding book and movie reviews, as well as another series called “Thoughts and Musings on:”. It would work just like Librarian in Training, with multiple posts on the same topic denoted with “Pt 1, pt 2,” and so on. I’m a philosopher at heart, and I spend a lot of time ruminating on various topics. I think I should start writing them down. Posting them to the blog is a bonus. Another series I want to start will be called “Author Highlight” where I talk about an author whose writing has had an impact on my life, my favorite book that they’ve written, that sort of thing.

To summarize: 1) There will be posts every Monday at 1pm. 2) There will be book and movie reviews. 3) There will be two new series’ “Thoughts and Musings on:” and “Author Highlight”.

That’s all for now. See you next week.



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