Librarian in Training Pt 4.

Oh man, I’ve seen some things in my library. A few weeks ago, I had my weirdest library encounter to date, and I really don’t know I how I dealt with it so nicely. An unkempt guy came into the library, and asked me a question as he walked by. Admittedly, he could have been talking to himself. Anyway, I answered his question. And he just seemed so out of it. Not confused, but drunk. (At least, I think he was drunk.) He smelled, and he was so weird. What’s worse is that on this particular night, we had no cop. Sidebar: We have an officer that sits in the lobby of our library to prevent incidents from happening. Because people are stupid and like to do crazy things. So far, nothing dangerous has happened. Just wildly inappropriate. Back to the story. So having no cop, I really couldn’t signal anybody to come and save me from weird dude. Although we do wear headsets that allow us to talk to one another. I didn’t call, but if he’d stayed longer, I would have. I was so uncomfortable. He asked to shake my hand, and when I refused, he asked if he could shake my foot. Seriously! He admitted to having ” that liquor sickness”, which is what really set me on edge. He didn’t go any further into the library and after our conversation, he left. Why me?!

On the flip side, the other day, I had a really good library encounter.I helped a patron find her next book to read. She’d come asking about romance novels, but not just any romance novel, tragic romance or at least where the couple don’t get to be together. So a non-HEA book. Well, all I read is Happily-Ever-After or at the very least Happy-For-Now. I could only think of Shakespeare for the tragic romance bit, and while she admitted to loving dear William, she wasn’t in the mood for him. I had to take her to the stacks to browse. We found one, and I let her know to come see me if she needed more help. It was a good night.


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