Baltimore Book Festival 2014


I had the best day ever yesterday. I went to the Baltimore Book Festival in the Inner Harbor. I had some homework to take care of in the morning, so I was a little late, but it was worth it. Next time, for any book festival, I’m going to try to go an all the days. I’m sure I missed some pretty good books and deals. However, all of that is totally ok with me, because I went and I had fun even though I was tired as hell from the work the day before and my festival buddy abandoned me for her homework. Anywho, on with the festival!

First, the parking. Baltimore Book Festival partnered with Parking Panda to provide simple, sometimes discounted parking for events. I’m sure nothing was super discounted this Sunday, because there was a Ravens home game. *Happy dance because I avoided pre and post game traffic!* I parked near Power Plant Live! with my Parking Panda pass and walked to the Inner Harbor. I took my sweet time, too, just enjoying being at the Harbor. I made a few stops at book sellers and other vendors. I got a good stash of books. Check them out! I’m really excited to start reading them, but can’t happen until after I finish the library books I have checked out. Seriously, that saying “I was born with a reading list I will never finish” is so true for me. I picked up the first volume of SAGA, a graphic novel with story by Brian K. Vaughan and  art by Fiona Staples. I read it earlier this year and loved it. Someone even bought the third volume for my birthday. I would have also bought Vol.2, but it was $15! I picked up the Christi Barth romance because I watched the panel she was on and really liked her personality. I met Megan Hart, an author I have been following, if not always reading, for many years now.  I know I was not her weirdest reader encounter, but I still felt pretty nervous. She signed the festival poster, though. So nice. I picked up some other books on impulse. I liked the family saga and magical realism aspect of the Allende. Philosophy is one of my things and having never read an Aldous Huxley anything, I picked it up. It was $3. I had to! The Ensler and the Freedman books…well, that came from Emma Watson’s epic speech to the UN last week, which I may cover I’m not sure, as well as an assignment that I have coming up. The assignment isn’t important so much as the thought process going into it. I have a lot of womens studies, queer/LGBT studies thoughts and musings going on right now in my head. And I love Eve Ensler.

IMG_20140928_214155 IMG_20140928_173138<—–Megan Hart, everybody!!!!

Other random festival happenings include: a child size chess game and taking pictures of Poe and the Nevermore raven. Let me tell you, Baltimore is extremely proud of claiming Edgar Allen Poe. I mean come on, our football team is called the Ravens and our mascot’s name is Poe. I’m actually surprised I didn’t see any Poe collections at te booksellers. One thing that I really enjoy about going to festivals and events in my favorite city is the food. The Laurrapin Grille is delicious. Like after the romance writer’s panel, I was hoping and hoping that the Laurrapin station hadn’t closed up yet, because I was so hungry and wanted their food. The first time I had their food was in May at Brew at the Zoo 2014 at the Maryland Zoo in, where else, Baltimore. I had a spicy bison burger. It was so good that almost immediately after finishing it, the food, beer, sun, and good company caught up with me, and I took a nap. Right there on the front lawn of the zoo with a band playing and everything. It was an awesome nap, too. This time, I got a local burger and a soda. Not as big as the bison burger, but the sun and the food did get to me. I couldn’t take a nap this time, though. It was a truly great day with myself and several hundred people in the Baltimore Harbor.

20140928_144402 20140928_144358 IMG_20140928_173237


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