I shot the sheriff. But I did not shoot the deputy

So, I have all these great ideas for posts, and I’m drafting them longhand, but when I go to write, something entirely different comes out. (Holy run on sentence, Batman!) Anyway, I had an idea, two actually, for this week’s post, but then this weekend happened, and I absolutely must share.


This past Saturday, I did Run or Dye, which is like the Color Run, but organized by different people. Essentially, it’s a 5k not-race  that participants can run or walk and throughout the course, there are stations where volunteers pelt you with colored powder. I wore a white top, black pants, red boa, red and black antenna, and a white tutu. I wanted to be absolutely sure that I got as much color as I could. But I didn’t go alone. I joined the team Peace or Dye, captained by my former supervisor in the library. We were a bunch of librarians covered in bright colors by the end of the race. It was a BLAST! I haven’t had that much fun in a long time. The only downside was the time. I woke up at 4am, an hour before my alarm, so that we could pick up our race packets before the race and the rush of people who also had to pick up their packets. Long story short, there was a lot of extra walking that morning. There were several comments about the beginnings of horror films. Dawn, deserted stadium parking lot, creepy underpasses. And it rained. But it all worked out in the end.  We had an enormous amount of fun and I can’t wait to do other activities with this group again.

My outfit after the color. 🙂
Embracing the rain shower before the race. I was so clean.

After, I got home and cleaned up, a friend texted me asking if I was still up for our outing. Here I am, it’s noon thirty and I’ve been up since 4am, I’m only half done with washing body and hair and everything that comes after. I’m tired as hell. But I haven’t seen her in weeks, and the outing is a belated birthday present that I’m actually excited about. So, I finish what I need to do, let my hair air dry, and meet her at the Maryland Small Arms Range. We’re going shooting for the first time ever. Neither of us has ever held a gun before, let alone load and shoot it. But we go anyway. We even buy matching shirts, in different colors of course. We tell the people about our newbie-ness, and they’re happy to show us how to load, point, and shoot. We got a .38 revolver, box of ammo, and four targets. Along with eye and ear protection. The first and last targets we shot together, but we each did one individually. It was such a nerve-wracking experience. But what a rush. All that power in our hands. We were actually pretty good at it too. We aimed for center mass, but as beginners, we didn’t hit it nearly as often as we thought we aimed at it.

We got good in our stance, reaction to kick, and holding technique. I would like to thank Laurell K. Hamilton and the Anita Blake series. Seriously, everything I know about guns, how to be around them, how to relax and center to prepare for the shot, I learned from reading that series. So, thanks, Laurell, for your extensive research into gun safety and usage. It helped me tremendously.

I would like to take classes in gun safety and home/self defense. MSAR actually offers such a class, including shooting on the range and tips for choosing a personal firearm. They also offer gun license classes. The range is used mostly for cops and military, but anyone can go there. It was really cool, because my friend and I went thanks to a Groupon. We’ re going to go again. I don’t know when yet, but it’s gonna happen.

That’s all for now. I leave you with my target practice dude.

My target. I shot two rounds into this silhouette. #skills
My target. I shot two rounds into this silhouette. #skills

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