Tattoed Librarian: Louisiana Forever


So this beauty is on my left hip.  Don’t ask me to tell you when I got it because I don’t remember. All that really matters is that I remember getting it, right? Anyway, I have a friend from high school who took up tattooing for a while. She is an amazing artist, so translatinghat art to skin seemed like a natural progression to me. I’ve wanted her to draw for me for a while. It was luck that found me in want of a tattoo and her learning/performingthe art of tattoing at the same time. We chatted back and forth for about a week before my actual appointment. I told her that I wanted the fleur de lis and an infinity symbol. How she made that happen was entirely up to her. I trust her to make it fabulous. I was not expecting it to be as big as it is, though. It was a little daunting. At tattoo #3 (or four or whatever number it is, I don’t remember), it was the biggest I would have at the time. Granted, I was more than ready for it, but still. There was a bit of quake in my boots.

We lay the ink at her house. Everything was clean and sanitary, came from fresh packaging and my dear artist wore her gloves. What was rally interesting about this ink is that 1) we watched/listened to Planet of the Apes, the remake, during the session. 2) This was my first tattoo with an audience. She had two friends over that day, and they wanted to watch. It was cool. I knew them from our shared high school, but they’re younger. She did ask before we started, just to make sure it was ok with me. The peice is pretty far down, with the bottom edges of the tattoo grazing my hip bones. I had to fold down the tops f my jeans and fold my shirt up under my bra for her to have enough space to work. It’s not that big, but I was going to work almost immediately after and needed my clothes clean. It didn’t really hurt at all, except near my hip bone. I’m fortunate, because I haven’t gained or lost much weight since getting this. It hasn’t stretched or anything. I remember her asking me if I wanted to put any colors in it. I told her, “do what you want, dear. I’m happy either way.” One very funny part  of getting this tattoo was the questions the boys asked. After the first flinch of needles on skin, I didn’t really move except to turn my head to watch the movie. They kept asking how it felt and if it hurt. My belly is fleshy. No pain, just the pure pleasure of ink and skin.

That photo was taken immediately after she finished, so I’m a bit swollen. I really enjoy the aged look that it has. Someone who saw it asked if I was ever going to put anything in the banner. I had to inform them politely that it is not a banner. It is the infinity sign.The piece is a tribute to my family’s Louisiana roots.

She’s a model now. She’s fabulous and gorgeous, and you should all really see her photos. Check her out on Instagram @CookiieTrinidad. Random fact: I’m in love with her middle name. No, I won’t say what it is.


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