Thoughts&Musings: Godmotherhood

So, tomorrow turned into two days later. You’ll have to forgive me. I hit the ground running Tuesday. I worked a split shift at the library, morning and night. Mind you,the morning shift starts at 830am, and we’d just gotten home at 330am. I didn’t get to bed until 4am. Then I went biking between shifts. I couldn’t let my workout partner down, and after 18hrs in a car, both ways, including everything we did while in Louisiana, I needed the exercise. I also needed sleep, but that’s what I did Wednesday. All day. I crashed hard, like you would not believe. I tried at various times to get up and do things, but I always ended up back in bed, watching tv and resting my nerves.

Itak (so in Russian), what was I doing in Louisiana at all? I’ve already told you that both sides of my family live there. Deep country, y’all. I’m not even kidding. My first cousin, on my mom’s side, and his girlfriend of many years, seriously they’ve been together since high school, had a baby girl this past summer. Her name is Rich’ae, and she was born on July 29, 2014. She is just the cutest thing. She just turned three months, and she recognizes voices and faces. She smiles and gives kisses. She hates to be hot, but winter is coming, so she’ll need to learn to keep her blankets and socks on. I’m so in love with her. Anyway. The last time my mom went down to Louisiana to help my sister move in to her apartment for school, they saw the baby and my cousin had been asking for me and asking for me.

So when she came back, my mom says “You’re going to have to make some time to go home. Your cousin wants you to christen the baby.” I was shocked. I’d never been asked to be a godmother, not a get-blessed-by-the-clergy godmother. I agreed and scoured my schedule for a free Saturday, which happened to be the last Saturday in October. Plans were made, logistics were set, days were taken off. Interesting fact, my cousin and I were born four months apart. We were together for most of our childhood until I moved to Maryland in 2nd grade.  We also have another cousin, born before me in the same year. The three of us played together a lot when we were younger. Naturally, when I found out I was godmother, the first thing I thought was ‘Oh, so he’s going to be godfather.’ It made sense. We were all close at one time. We’re not nearly as close as we were since I’m away, but there’s a lot of love in this trio, and should anything happen to my cousin or his girlfriend (Lord willing, it doesn’t), we’re going to do what needs to be done for our baby girl.

The ceremony was held at a Baptist church in the neighborhood. The pastor is a nice man, but he put my cousins on the spot that day. He asked them if they were married, and when they said no, he told them to see him after service and promo’d the marriage class the church has during the week. They didn’t. He didn’t have to put them on the spot like that. Another funny happening on that day was, as the pastor was passing the baby around for the godparents to kiss, he commented on how many there were. Rich’ae has at least six godmothers and five godfathers. We take that whole “it takes a village” thing seriously. But I’m the Nanny. I’m the only Nanny. Tony is the only Parrain. Yes, we use the French words for godparents. Yes, I’m aware that the word for godmother is marraine, but years of Creole language shifts have turned it in to nanny. I don’t know how. I just accept it.

I have another life role: daughter, sister, nanny,  friend. I’m good with these. 🙂


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