Testimony, Sweet Honey In the Rock

Hit play on the video at some point when you’re reading this.

I’ve been trying to write this post for a few weeks now, trying to give an account of how I found this song and how it makes me feel. But none of the words come out right. Therefore, I’m just going to write and see what comes out.

I’ve watched The L Word before, only up to the season 3 finale, but still. So, I’ve heard this song before, but it didn’t hit me until Showtime was replaying the series this past summer. This song in particular plays over the credits of the S2 finale, an episode which saw the birth of Tina’s and Bette’s daughter, the beginnings of an actual relationship between Shane and Carmen, and performances by BETTY and Heart. It’s a great accompanying song for the entire second season.
Listen to the words. It’s a great, uplifting song. It is female-centric for many reasons, not including the show it played on. The group that performs this cover, Sweet Honey in the Rock, is a female a capella group. All the women are black, so they really get that soulful sound. Of course, black women musicians aren’t the only ones to have this sound, I know, but it felt significant to me when I heard the song. The original performer, Ferron, sings it alone with accompaniment. Like overproduced sound. I listened to the original after I found the above YouTube video. I didn’t like it. I didn’t enjoy all the extras. The song lost it’s truth in the extras, I feel.
The cadence of the voices in Sweet Honey in the Rock’s cover allow the lyrics to really speak to the soul and move the listener. I feel as though I have a spiritual experience whenever I hear the song. It resonated deep within me, calling me to embrace all parts of myself that I’d previously denied or ignored, to really and truly be me. I’m still working on that.
Take a listen to the song. Let it move you.

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