Tattooed Librarian: Iron Cross

Cross tat

My iron cross is both strong and whimsical. I got it during my senior year of undergrad. It was both planned and spontaneous. I’d been feeling the now familiar ache of needing needle on skin for a few months. I got it in the winter, I remember that distinctly. Whether Nov/Dec or Jan/Feb or even Mar/Apr, I don’t remember that part exactly. Anyway. Knowing that my entire college career hinged on the grades of two classes, an upper level Religious Studies and Philosophy Senior thesis, which was a 20 page paper, was    getting to me. I was jumping out of my skin. When I get like that, only one of three things will calm me down, pain in the form of a tattoo, drinking and dancing, or a third thing that really shouldn’t be mentioned.

I asked a friend to draw it for me. It’s actually based on a necklace that she owns. I loved it so much that I asked her to draw me a replica of it. I told her that it would be a tattoo, and she agreed. Her name is Megan, and she’s awesome. I really love having my friends’ artwork on my body. I feel like it keeps me grounded. I got inked at Saints and Sinners in Fells Point, Baltimore, MD. My artist’s name was Christian. If you’re wondering whether I remember the names of all my tattoo artists, the answer is yes. I’ve only got six of them, so at the moment, it’s not to hard keep up with them. I hope that as I get more, I can still remember all their names. But if I don’t, there’s always this blog. There’s also the fact that they are now indelibly a part of my life. It is appropriate that I remember their names.

Originally, this was to be the center piece of a tribute to my alma mater Notre Dame of Maryland. I was going to put the words of our Honor Code around it. Truth. Beauty. Goodness. Now, I’ve changed my mind. I’ll still put something NDM related around it. Probably Trust and Dare, representative of Blessed Theresa Gerhardinger of Jesus, foundress of the School Sisters of Notre Dame, who founded NDM and several other schools in Baltimore and throughout the country.

The original words will now go my right foot, a companion and symmetry resolver for the feather on my left foot. It’s not that I feel uneven only having a tattoo on my left foot, but I feel as though having those words where I can see them will be a better reminder for me. The whole Honor Code reads:

With a keen sense of responsibility, I accept this symbol of my entrance into the world of scholarship.And I give this pledge of my purpose to wear it worthily. I shall try to follow all truth. I shall try to see all beauty. I shall try to be all goodness. And thus come to that eternal wisdom, which is the Word of God.

Random fact: All of my tattoos have an inconsistency or something odd/unplanned about them. For this one, it is the sixth diamond.

Until next time, my darlings.


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