Last thoughts and New Year resolutions

Here we are, lovelies, the end of another fabulous year. 2014 was filled with some very interesting times for me, personally and professionally. It had some seriously effed up world happenings. It almost feels like a relief to be going into the new year. It’s not a reset button, but it is a chance to make a fresh start, to commit or recommit to personal values and ideals.

A little reflection before I tell y’all about my resolutions. When I started this blog, I had really high ambitions about what I was going to do with it, then I didn’t follow through. I got caught up in school and work, understandably. I’m feeling pretty proud of myself to have kept up a regular schedule this past fall. The plan was always to have this be a regular thing, and maybe be famous for it! Maybe.

I supported a lot of strangers through Kickstarter and got some cool things. I just did another spree of about 5 projects, plus the We Need Diverse Books indiegogo. One of them, Saffron Fix, is an Indian food company that mails the ingredients and recipe for a complete meal. So yummy. I received mine in early December and made Chicken Tikka Masala. I will be ordering from them again.

I’m passing grad school with all A’s. What?! That feels wrong, like I should be working harder because it’s graduate school. Honestly, I’m just doing the same thing I did in undergrad, which is not exactly what I did in high school but it’s really close, hahaha.

On to the resolutions.

1. I am going to be better to myself. I’m going to tell myself positive things. I’m going to exercise more, do my hair more, get more mani/pedis.

2. I am going to do more things. Having a full-time job and being a full-time student is not going to leave me a lot of free time except that which I carve out. So, I’m going to make it a priority to carve out that time and do things, either alone or with friends. I’m going to explore DC, go to more shows, do hw in the park. I’m going to get out of my house.

3. I will try to get up earlier. Right now, I set my alarm for two hours before I need to be at work, which is 90min of getting up/ready and 30min of driving. I’ll start small, adding 30min every two months until I’m getting up at the same time everyday. That goal is 6am. I know, I know. Who does that when they don’t have to? People who need to add time to their day in order to get shit done, that’s who. 6am gives me an hour of me time before a day shift and four hours of me time before a night shift. That’s enough time for breakfast and exercise on day shift, which means I can nap and do hw or go out after work, and breakfast, exercise, and some hw on night shift, which means I can eat dinner and go straight to bed after work. This is going to take some effort and control. Wish me luck with this one.

That’s all I’ve got for now, but they’re pretty hefty. I love how they are all connected. By getting up earlier, I allow myself more time in the day to do the necessities and the extras. I allow myself the space to be better to myself. 🙂

Random thoughts: Usually in the winter, I get really depressed. That hasn’t happened so far. I don’t want it to happen either. I’m going to attribute this to my exercising and use it as motivation to keep exercising. I’m going to attribute this to having a job I love and use it as motivation to keep my spirits up. I’m going to attribute this to personal growth and blogging regularly, sharing my thoughts, and use it as motivation to continue blogging and writing and spending time with friends and family.

Until next year, my loves. Be good to yourselves.


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