Happy New Year!


Happy New Year to all of you! I do hope your holiday season was festive! I’ve got quite a bit of new business to share before we get on with our regularly scheduled program.

I’ve been slacking in the Lush department, at least on the blog. So, coming soon will be random posts, probably super short ones, about what’s in my glass.

The Author Highlight posts are coming. I’m finding that I have to either be actively reading an author in order to write a post or, at least, have all the books I want to talk about in front of me as I write. Then, there’s the thought that I’m being entirely too detailed about plot and characters when I  could make it much simpler. Still working out the kinks in this one.

A new semester is upon us…sorta. My semester does not officially begin until 1/21/15, but a gracious professor has allowed us to start work early. The class is Reader’s Advisory, and we will be reading 35 books over the semester and writing a review for each. That means more book reviews for you, but a bit of behind the scenes work for me. There’s a new series for the semester, Reader’s Advisory, instead of book reviews.

I’m going to try for three posts a week. A regular post and two Reader’s Advisory posts. That may not happen, but I’m going to try. Regular posts will still be on Mondays at 1pm. Reader’s Advisory posts will be Thursdays at 9am and 3pm. If ever there is no post on Monday, that means that I’ve spent all week reading, doing homework, and working on the Reader’s Advisory posts, which, honestly, are the priority.

Here’s to 2015!


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