Librarian in Training 7

I want to apologize for having missed two Mondays now. It’s not very well done of me. I did warn you though, back when the year started that I had to change tactics. Usually, my writing days are Sundays and Monday and Thursday mornings. I’ve found my last two Sundays co-opted by my mother. My Mondays are spent in the gym now, and my schedule has changed so that I have Wednesday mornings free now. I’ll keep trying to carve out time in the evenings, but we’ll see.

Spring semester is upon us! I must say it has been a very full three and a half weeks. I knew going into this semester that I would have to get straight, organized, and into a rhythm fairly quickly. I’ve been telling myself since December that I need to get better at time management and planning my life, that being a full student and full-time librarian would be hard, but worth it.

I definitely still feel that way. I am unbearably conscious of my time and how I’m spending it. However, I find myself more tired than I ever thought I would be. I understood, or came to understand, when I first started at the library, that being a librarian takes a lot out of you. It is difficult to be “on” all of the time. Even in the workroom, out of sight of the general public, one cannot be completely unguarded, though it is possible to relax. My reserves are depleted by the time I get home, and don’t let it be a late day. I’m home by 830pm, and all I want to do is veg out and sleep. I don’t even want to read my homework. But let me stop whining for a minute and tell you what I’m up to this semester.

My first priority class is LIBR261A: Programs and Services for Young Adults, alternately known as Foundations in Young Adult Services. I am beyond annoyed by my professor for many reasons, not least of which is the assignments that come as yellow pages with blue writing that I am forced to edit before I can safely read or even print the damned thing. It is quite frustrating to say the least. Anyway, we have a variety of assignments including a set of assignments. I’ve never heard of a professor grading 11 assignments as one big assignment that was not some larger project broken into separate pieces. Ugh. It is an all or nothing sort of thing, where if we miss one assignment, we fail the entire thing. Again I say, UGH. Other than that, which is enough in itself for someone like me,the class seems to be going well. I am not required to respond to others, though I am encouraged to do so. I do so when I am feeling so moved.

My other class, no less important but less of a priority especially after this week, is LIBR220: Reader’s Advisory. I feel as though I’ve said a lot about this class already. It’s reading a bunch of different genres and authors, writing posts about them, getting better at recommending them to others, and learning to read a variety of types of books in 30 minutes or less. I’m excited to start practicing that. RA is much more relaxed, but I do have to lead a book discussion, design bookmarks, and keep up with my reading and due dates. If you haven’t noticed, I am woefully behind. I need to have read and posted about 17 books by March 6th. I’ve got five so far. That’s a lot of reading, but I’m excited to do it. I’ve got all my books in piles. There all wonderfully interesting to me in many different ways. I’m going to have to start doing two at a time, if I can. I’m not sure that my attention span is that good anymore.

Work, though to get back to that, is going well. I’m learning new things and practicing my skills, finding where I need improvement. It doesn’t help that the ILS is a beast to work with on the YA computer where I’m stationed, but I make it work. I’ve got new responsibilities with the new job. It has only shown me, though, ways in which I was not as good as I thought I was. I know I’ll get better, but it’s hard. The highlight of any day, though, is when someone thanks me for being so nice to them and helping them find what they need.

I work a lot at the teen desk, and it is interesting, to say the least. I wish I could do more for them, but I can’t just yet. Well, that’s a quick update. I’ve got some exciting (yes, I use that word a lot, but it’s true!) things in the works that I can’t wait to be able to share. It’s not quite time yet, but soon. I must toddle off now. I’ve got class. btw: it’s 930pm.

Until next time, my darlings, which is hopefully not in the too far future.


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