Thoughts & Musings: The 100 (TV series)

Recently, I’ve been watching the TV show The 100. I blame tumblr entirely, especially the tumblr lesbian community. Their gifs of Clexa, the ship name for Clarke Griffin and Lexa, Commander of the Tree People aka Grounders, are what made me start watching. Now, tumblr is known for being ahead of the curve on some things, but it can also be wrong. The 100 languished in my Netflix for a few weeks. I took a chance. Warning, spoilers ahead.
It has been my best and worst decision ever. I finished the entire series, currently at two seasons, in two weeks. I have holds on all three books in the series, by Kass Morgan, just so that I can mark them off as read for the reading challenge “A book based on or turned into a tv show”. In watching the show, though, I was struck by many things. Again, tumblr got it right.
1) The female characters on this show are excellent. Clarke, Raven, Octavia, Monroe, Harper, Lexa, Indra, Maya, even Abby. These women are strong, passionate people, able to make hard decisions and live with the consequences. They’ve passed the Bechdel test numerous times, and I choose to overlook those conversations involving Bellamy, because he’s Octavia’s brother, and the season two conversations about Finn after the massacre of TonDC. I could write a paper on each of these women.
2) The female friendships/relationships. There is caring and respect between these women that make hard conversations and betrayals and differences of opinion that much more difficult to bear.

3) In a nice reversal of what typically happens in an ensemble cast tv show or movie, the male characters, while not utterly useless, are used to showcase the badassness of the female characters. I swear the only purpose Lincoln serves is to develop Octavia.
​4) Like The Hunger Games series, ​The 100 is about choices, decisions, and having to live with those decisions. We watch as Clarke struggles with her decision to kill Finn. We see the conflict and hurt in Lexa’s eyes as she kills Gustus and as she leaves TonDC after the missile strike. We listen to Abby’s pain as she comes to grips with what she’s taught her daughter by example, kill the few to save the many. Even Bellamy and Finn have moments. Bellamy isn’t as ruthless as he would like others to think he is; he was horrified at what Charlotte did with his words. Finn went berserk, could barely face what he’d done in the village. He tried to justify it to himself, to Clarke, but he couldn’t.
I could go on, but I choose not to at this moment. I’m sure I’ll have more to say later, probably about all the possible ships this show could produce, the ships this show has produced, why Paige Turco is so effing skinny, my thoughts on the cast, etc. Clearly, I have much to say.

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