April! Spring!

Hello Gorgeous!
Today, April 1st, marks two things. The first: it’s April Fool’s day. Pranks and such are the name of the game. In my family, we don’t celebrate April Fool’s day. We used to, the whole family, but one year, long before I was born, someone played the dirty trick of claiming something horrible had happened to a family member, sending the whole family into crisis. We haven’t celebrated since. Bummer.
April 1st also marks the beginning of National Poetry Month. The entire month of April is meant to celebrate all things poetic, with poetry readings, displays, and other celebratory events. I have two things on the slate at my library. The first is a month long display of diverse poetry books. I have a Pakistani poetry anthology, an African-American poetry anthology, and various individual works of American and international poetry. Every week, I will change the books on display, showcasing all of the ways poetry can be written.
The second item I have planned for this month is a community board posting for National Poem in Your Pocket Day on April 30th. Poetry lovers around the nation will carry their favorite poem in their pocket. For the board, I have a bright orange laminated pocket into which I will insert a selection of poems, some of which I love, some of which are famous, and some from the books in my display.  On that day, I will be carrying e. e. cummings’ [i carry your heart with me (i carry it in)]. Alternately, I could be carrying cummings’ [anyone lived in a pretty how town]. Both are favorites of mine. I love the first, because it is the literal (in word form) embodiment of what I think love is. The simplest explanation for love, being in love, and being loved. The second, I love because it was one of the first poems that I understood without having to be told what it meant. Spoiler alert: anyone and noone are people. I also enjoy the cadence when read aloud.
Preparing my display and community board post have jump started my creative juices a bit, and I’ve been planning my programs for next spring. So far, I have an idea for a March program about Holi, the Hindu Festival of Spring, an April program celebrating National Poetry Month, a May program celebrating the Divine Nine, the nine Black Greek letter organizations, and a June program celebrating National LGBTQ Pride Month. Hopefully, I’ll get more ideas as the year goes on, but I think I’m off to a great start.
There’s one final awesome thing that happens every year in April: NATIONAL LIBRARY WEEK! April 11-18 is National Library Week! Attend a program, donate, tour the facility, talk to a librarian. Do something to show that libraries and librarians are important to you.
That’s all for now.

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