Readers’ Advisory 2: Sex Criminals Vol. 2. Matt Fraction

Jon and Suzie are back. They’ve stopped robbing banks, but their problems aren’t over.


Quick Facts

Author: Matt Fraction

Illustrator: Chip Zdarsky

Published 2015 Image Comics. 9781632151933

$14.99US. 128pp

Science Fiction

Available in print

Why I Read It

When I first read Volume 1, I remeber thinking only two words: strange & entertaining. I was orginally caught by the cover, then the story about a library in crisis and people who can stop time when they cum at the moment of sexual climax drew me in. That said, when a co-worker mentioned that she’d purchased volume two and did I want to borrow it, the answer was “OF COURSE!”

TLL’s Tag

Jon and Suzie are back. They’ve stopped robbing banks, but their problems aren’t over.

The Rundown

The “cops”, including Kegel Face, are back and succeed in tearing down Suzie’s library, causing a chain reaction in Jon and Suzie’s relationship. Jon must come to grips with his erratic behaviors. He and Suzie take a break, opening the door for an expanded cast including a mall food shrink, who happens to really by a psychiatrist, and a hot new gyno for Suzie, who happens to be a childhood friend of Jon. There is also an appearance from Jazmine St. Cocaine, a favorite pornstar of both main characters.

Here’s what I think

Sex Criminals is so sequential. Following the story is easy, no matter which main character is the focus of the issue. Side trips to flesh out the back stories of supporting characters are well done, and any loose threads are deftly woven into the main story. The artwork is bright and fully colored. The swirls of color and light that distinguish the real world from the Quiet are well done. They do not detract from the artwork under the swirls. My only complaint is the faces all seem terribly similar, male and female.

Final decision

It keeps me entertained and it’s an award-winning series.

4Q–Better than most, marred by occasional lapses.

4P–Broad general or genre appeal.

Readalikes, courtesy of NoveList Plus


Bob Gale

Kurt Busiek

Larry Lieber


Habibi, Craig Thompson

Luba in America, Gilbert Hernandez

Post-dykes to watch out for, Alison Bechdel

Appeal Factors

bawdy, explicit, funny, offbeat

Book talk ideas

Jon’s mental health issues

The tearing down of the library

The story of Jazmine St. Cocaine aka Dr.. Ana Kincaid

Book discussion questions

1) Name every place in the story where a counterpart in reality could exist. This includes places, themes, and abstract ideals.

2) What did you think of the extras at the end of the graphic novel, i.e. the interview, Brimpception, and sex tips?

3) What do you think happened to Ana as a kid that caused the scar on hur vulva?

4) Has anyone else walked in on their parents en flagrante delicto like Robert?

Clues to the Future

sex criminals, Matt Fraction, Chip Zdarsky, librarians, blue covers, the Quiet, graphic novels, porn star turned university professor

Awards and Lists

New York Times Bestseller

In 2014 the series won Best New Series for both the Eisner Award and the Harvey Award

Links to the Author, Interviews, and Reviews

Author website: interview:

Den of Geek interview with Chip:

Starburst Review:

IGN review:

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