And now

Back to our regularly scheduled programming. For the most part. I actually quite enjoyed doing those RA posts this past semester, so you may keep seeing those. But, the semester is finished and I have exactly one week before summer session starts. Some moron, me, decided to take two classes every semester from now until May 2016, when I intend to graduate. Hopefully, it goes better than this one did. I mean, you know it’s been a bad semester when you’re afraid to look at your grades. I’ll be back to posting regularly, though, so that should be fun. No more of these, six posts in a day nonsense. I would say I have stuff up my sleeve, but I don’t. I have ideas for posts brought on throughout the semester, but nothing up my sleeve. It should, on the other hand, be enough to get us through the summer. Until then, Happy Summer.

If you’re wondering: I am currently reading YA: Afterworlds, Scott Westerfeld. GN: Locke and Key 1, Joe Hill & Gabriel Rodriguez. Sci-Fi: The Martian, Andy Weir.


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