Author Highlight: Chrmdpoet

First up in the Author Highlight series is a respected, published author and poet, who happens to write heart shattering fanfiction for her adoring reader public. Chrmdpoet is amazing. I don’t remember when I found her, but I’ve been reading her fics religiously for a little over a year. I want to say it started with Popcorn Love, but it could just as easily have been her SQ Drabbles. Like I said, I don’t remember my first Chrmd fic, but I’ve read pretty much every fic she’s ever published. I read somewhere a long time ago when I first got into Fandom (the institution, not to be confused __ fandom, which is specific to whatever is in the blank space), that we only read fics where the author’s characterizations match with our own. That is to say, they percieve the characters and their (potential)motivations in ways that are similar to the way we, the reader, percieve the characters and their (potential) motivations. I have found that to be true on so many levels, and especially with Chrmdpoet’s stories. Her SwanQueen stories, the ship of Emma Swan and Regina Mills/The Evil Queen from Once Upon a Time (OUAT), are classics. Popcorn Love, Cheerleaders and Nerds, A Thin Veil. Every SQ fic roundup has at least one of these stories featured prominently. I can’t wait for September to fall in love with Popcorn Love all over again.

She is also the reason, one of the reasons, I finally decided to take the time and watch The 100. It had been on my tumblr dash for a few months at the beginning of 2015, after coming in almost completely under the radar in the 2013/2014 TV season, mainly because of the introduction of the character Lexa, Heda/Commander of the 12 Clans, and her relationship/interactions with Clarke, one of the main characters. Together, these two young ladies, portrayed by Eliza Taylor and Alycia Debnam Carey, set the screen ablaze and the tumblr lesbians to talking. Finally, they had a canon female YA TV protagonist who is bisexual. And they love every minute of it. Truth be told, so do I. I’m a little obsessed with the show and can’t wait for the second season to come on Netflix, so I can watch it again. But anyway. Chrmdpoet began to watch the show, live-blogged it on tumblr, and decided/announced she was going to write for the Clexa or Commander Princess ship. Well. I can’t go into a fic with no knowledge of how canon portrays them, can I? So I watched the show from the beginning. I fell in love. I made my observations about characterization, motivations, potential motivations. I had my heart broken many times over by those precious babies. I picked my favs. And I was ready. The fic is called this heart, fossilized & silent (once was tender & once was violent), and since it is post-canon, meaning everything in the show happened exactly as it happened, it is now and will definitely be AU by the time season three premiers. But it is one of three stories that I check for updates every day and are canon-compliant. I don’t trust too many fanfiction authors, but when I find one or some, I tend to stick close.

When I’m reading her stories, I am filled with so many emotions that I can barely act my age when I finish a chapter. (Really, I can’t even leave reviews, because all I want to do is fangirl and that’s not ok in public.) I wiggle and roll around in bed (because inevitably her chapters post while I’m asleep, making getting out of bed for work that much harder) exulting in the feeling of a well-written story, where the characters feel true and real. I will think about the chapter all day everyday until the next one posts, and how it fits, or doesn’t, the way I see interactions between the two characters, how it fits ino her overall narrative, and generally fangirling about in my soul (which is ok because no one can see it), because that’s how I am with stories I love.

Anywho, her fics are posted on and AO3. GO READ THEM NOW! If you find yourself in need of some general positivity in your life, or want to look at awesome gifs, her tumblr is a pretty sweet place too.

So, yeah. If you read this, Chrmdpoet: Bless you for continuing to write and share with us. Bless your beautiful family. Bless.


2 thoughts on “Author Highlight: Chrmdpoet”

  1. This was a surprising find, and wonderfully kind. Thank you for such a pleasant highlight. I appreciate you taking the time to read my stories and to share a bit about them with your readers. I hope you are well! Take care, XO.

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