Unplanned Hiatus

Hello again!

First, apologies for the unplanned July hiatus. I didn’t realize that my schedule would be quite so hectic this month. The hiatus will continue though, until the end of summer classes. I’m so close to the finish line for my MLIS. I’ve already registered for fall classes and submitted my official candidacy form. Next step: apply for graduation! I’ll be back to tell you all about my summer, and to get us back on track, on August 10th.

The other thing I wanted to talk you all about is the Fabulous Fare Sisters. I had the immense pleasure of meeting Linda and Heidi, and eating their delicious food at an event last weekend. These sisters have been cooking up a storm all their lives, and are now ready to share their recipes with the world. They got me to eat asparagus. I hate asparagus. I won’t even eat them when my own mother makes them. But their asparagus, to die for. All of the ladies at the event were super bummed when they were all gone.

Please take a minute to check them out. Linda and Heidi are true sweethearts, great to work with, and make great food. What’s not to love?!

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