Readers’ Advisory: Mouthful of Forevers. Clementine von Radics

Quick Facts

Author: Clementine von Radics

Published 2015 Andrews McMeel Publishing 9781449470791

112 pages $16.99US, $19.99CAN

Available in print and eBook


Why I Read It

During my end of fiscal year shopping spree at my library earlier in the summer, I asked my friends what they thought a library needed. One thing mentioned was more and diverse poetry. I went through our poetry collection, and while it is not sparse by any means, it did need some updating and retrofitting. I bought all the poetry that looked good, and even some that didn’t look good, because who am I to decide what someone will like or not like. I bought African poets, African-American poets, white poets, celebrity poets, former sex worker poets, tumblr poets, Asian poets, and many others. As a lover of poetry, I couldn’t resist trying to read all of this new poetry I bought for the library.

TLL’s Tag

Love and life are the strangest things.

The Rundown

A collection of poems chronicling the life, loves, and heartbreak of one woman.

Here’s what I think

It usually takes me a day, one sitting even, to read a book of poetry. As much as I can, I try not to stop too often to reflect on each individual poem, because I would rather examine my feelings to the piece as a whole first, then go back and choose my favorites. I couldn’t do that with Mouthful of Forevers. Every poem felt real in a visceral way, and I could not casually go on to the next as if my life had not just shifted a bit at the reading. I should not have started reading this at work, because I was in tears. I was completely and utterly destroyed in ways that I’m not sure I can describe right now. In 112 pages, and though I cannot relate to everything von Radics writes about, it felt as if my life had been mined to fuel someone else’ creative genius.

I have some favorite poems from this  collection. One of them is the most famous titular poem. I can see why it has inspired wedding vows and tattoos. It, like all of von Radics’ poems, is powerful.

Final decision

Prepare to be completely destroyed.


Links to the Author, Interviews, and Reviews

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