I started blogging at a very young age.  I had a Xanga page and a MySpace page. It was mostly discovering my personality and waxing poetic idiotic about my crushes. I’m surer those pages are still floating around the internet somewhere. Ugh, don’t look for them. They are terrible. This blog I started as part of a class asignment for San Jose State University iSchool. I’m going for a Masters in Library and Information Science (MLIS). After that class was over, though, I didn’t really know what I wanted to write about.  I had ideas, but I was also in the first semester of graduate school, which is not at all like undergrad, especially if your program is entirely online. So, I didn’t blog all that much. Oh, I came back to post tiny updates, but nothing substantial. Still, I’m enjoying it, the school and getting back into the swing of blogging regularly.

The blog name, T attoed Librarian Lush, was supposed to be a guide for me to have things to write about. First, I am a happily tattooed lady. I have seven and plan to get more until I am even happier. So, a good portion of the posts are about tattoos, my current and future ones, flash I’ve seen that I love but may never get, that sort of thing. Second, like I said, I’m studying to be a librarian (or other information professional). The job titles and descriptions for MLIS degrees are so varied that once I’m finished with my degree, I’m not sure where I’ll be or what I’ll be called. It took me about two semesters to settle on a career path. When I started school, I thought I would be a public librarian in adult services. However, working at a public library and doing coursework has led me to the young adult services track. There’s also a most awesome YA librarian where I work, two actually, that have inspired me through their work. So, of course, there will be many posts about my journey. Finally, I am…not an alcoholic. I do enjoy a drink whenever I can get one, but not excessively. That’s what undergrad was for. I used to drink only mixed drinks with ridiculous names, and I still do, but I branched out as an upperclass-chick to wine and after undergrad I discovered hard cider and craft beer. So some posts are about what I’m drinking or want to drink or have drunk in the past. (Seriously, why is the past tense of drink so damn hard?)

That was the original plan. A more than adequate to keep me going for a long time plan. Then, I got ideas from various sources, and when I came back to blogging “full time” I added some more. There will be author highlight posts about my favorite authors. There will be some philosophical posts, researched and not, about whatever I happen to be thinking about at the time. And when I say researched, I mean that sometimes, these posts will have sources. What I was reading that brought on the thoughts or some such like that. There will be book and film reviews. It’s going to be awesome!

A little about the set up. The sidebar just shows a few ways to find me, Twitter, Instagram, Goodreads. All the good places. Archive posts. RSS feed. Don’t ask me how it works; I still don’t understand it. Some other blogs by some cool people.  I think that’s it.

Oh, a few other things. I have a potty mouth. It doesn’t always show itself, but it’s there. Just a warning.  Since, I am not anonymous by any stretch of the imagination. Here’s a picture of me!



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