I am prepped and ready

I come to you today from my brand new, thrifted desk and chair, and my brand new, just took took it out of the box HP AiO, wireless computer! Ok, so it’s not totally wireless. It does have a power cord, and my headset is plugged in, too. BUT STILL! It’s BRAND, SPANKIN’ NEW! I am in love with my new station. Not that I don’t love my laptop, but I used it for undergrad, all 4 years of it. It’s old, tired, and ready to move into semi-retirement. This new baby is ahh-may-zing. She 23″ of pure, HD goodness. *sigh* I love her. I have working CD/DVD rom! It’s super fast. Windows 8 does take some getting used to, and I did need to download and upgrade some programs, but that was expected. I am the happiest girl in the world right now.

My parents bought all my stuff. Yes, I am a lucky girl. But, while I do have to pay them back for my computer, since my desk and chair are thrifted, I don’t have to pay them back for them!  It’s a gorgeous light colored wood, and the chair doesn’t match, but that’s ok. It was $5!

I spent the entire last two days setting up my computer, playing around with it, and getting used to Windows 8 so that I would be ready to do some school work on it. Today, I finally got to work on some school work, I even had to download a few extra programs to make sure I’m totally ready, but all the studying, the downloads, and he note taking took 90min! One hour and a half. If I’d been doing this on my laptop, I would still be working. My major program download would be, maybe, 50% finished. And that would have only been the first of the 3 I did tonight. My test documents would have taken twice as long to load, and I would be frustrated. BUT I’m not! My new baby is SUPAH FAST!

One sad thing: I think I’m too fast for my new keyboard. Typos everywhere. oy

I AM READY! Bring it on, SJSU SLIS.


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